Professional Photographer

Peter Langone, Inc.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33301

United States


Peter Langone

Company : Peter Langone, Inc.
Location : 530 North Federal Hwy.
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33301
    United States
Telephone : 954-467-0654
Cell Phone : 954-609-9096
Primary URL :
Fax : 954-522-2562
Member Since : January 01, 2000

Additional Locations
Address City State/Province Zip / Postal Country Telephone
215 SE. 12th Ave Fort Lauderdale Florida 33301 United States 954-467-0654
88 Lexington Ave New York New York 10016 United States 212-213-9539

Represented By : Art Wing NY
Address : 611 Broadway, Suite 718 New York, NY 10012
Website :
Email :
Telephone : 212-655-5779
Date of Birth :2003-01
Gender : Male
Peter Langone has established himself as one of the worlds most successful commercial photographers in the last 3 decades. Over the years his photography has sparked international interest with over 250 awards and many television appearances, lectures, and TV spots. He is a respected photographer & film director who operates a fully equipped studio in Ft. Lauderdale & exhibits his work in galleries all across the country and has traveled the globe photographing models and celebrities -- including Matt Damon, Venus Williams and Marc Anthony; and shooting advertisements for Coca-Cola, Fox Sports, Mercedes-Benz and other big-name clients. Peter Langone has photographed over 100 iconic portraits of presidents, singers, athletes, actors, and other celebrities. Throughout his career Peter Langone has spent much of his time working on his personal collection creating images of form that have graced the pages of magazines and galleries. He has compiled these images in a book titled "God As A Woman" and travels nationwide with his exhibition to share his photographic story that has been interpreted by profound poets, such as the legendary Barbara Ryan.

Born and raised in Queens, New York, in an Italian-speaking household Peter Langone was self taught in photography and studied marketing in college at FIT along with some of the great fashion icons such as Calvin Klein. Peter Langone took his inherit creative talent and applied it while training under some of the most successful celebrity and supermodel photographers of the time, such as Leonard Gordon. Peter Langone opened his first extraordinary Florida studio in 1971, where he later photographed cars in his studio for car collectors and clients such as Hallmark and Landmark. He soon became a household name in the car industry shooting around the world for Enterprise, Avis, Ryder, and in exotic locations for several week stints, such as a Mercedes-Benz advertising campaign in the Gobi desert. Peter Langone partnered with New York studio owner / celebrity photographer Peter Strongwater who was most noted for his long time career shooting for Interview Magazine of celebrities such as Andy Warhol and Diana Ross. Strongwater opened a production studio called Photo-Group and became one of the most sought out producers in the ad world. Peter Langone's partnership and long time friendship with Strongwater created the perfect duo in the industry where they worked together on campaigns such as AT&T, Delta Airlines, and Bacardi. Peter's sense of lighting and love for photography lives with him every day and when one meets Peter most would describe him as a benevolent, highly focused, and creative masterpiece. His charming and eccentric personality can be likened to that of a comedic performer with a confidence that radiates through his ability to connect with everyone who steps on his set, a place where he most comfortably calls home.

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  • Beauty
  • Catalog
  • Celebrities
  • Celebrities/Personalities
  • Commercials
  • Corporate/Industrial
  • Digital (High Resolution Camer...
  • Editorial
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  • Fashion
  • Film/Motion Picture Production
  • Film Production
  • Fine Art

Client List

Directorial work
Marco, Exposure, Shades of Davani, Pinched
Burlington Coat Factory, Chicken Kitchen, Hospice of Broward County, Esplanade Mall, Budweiser, Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival, Brazilian Court featuring Frederic Fekkai and Chef Daniel Boulud
*music video
Michael Sterling Premiere: Eyes Around My Heart, Charming featuring Darryl White and Jacki-O
Darryl White: Me Holding You
Published Books: God as A Woman, Travel Table-Top
Alex Rodriguez/NY Yankee’s, Alfonso Soriano/Cubs, Chris Jericho, Chris Leak, Corey Feldman, Darryl White, David Fumero, David Mason, David Wright/Mets, Dennis Farina, Derek Jeter/NY Yankee’s, Don Johnson, Don Shula, Donald Trump, Emeril Lagasse, Gary Sinise, Greg Norman, Inner Circle, Jaime Oliver, James Olmos, Jane Lynch, Jason Giambi/NY Yankee’s, Jeremy Renner, Katie Lee Joel, Keith David, Las Senadoras, Marc Anthony, Mary Stuart Masterson, Matt Damon, Michael Grant, Michael Sterling, Nomar Garciaparra/LA Dodgers, Paul Sorvino, Philip Michael Thomas, Richard Chamberlain, Rick Mears, Rodney Yee, Tiger Woods, Troy Smith, Venus Williams, Vladimir Guerrero/Angels, 2 Live Crew
Politicians: President Ford, Senator Graham
*cruise lines
*magazine and editorial


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eter-langone-24_Demu-Swimwearpeter-langone-professional-photographer-miami-beach-south-beach-miami-fort-lauderdale-peter-langone-33301-10016-33312-33317-peter-langone-celebrity-advertising-glamour-lifestyle-stock-photography-peter-langone-44_Single_brunett-0216_3

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