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Noel Bass Photography

Los Angeles, California, 90034

United States


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Company : Noel Bass Photography
Location : Los Angeles, California, 90034
    United States
Telephone : 310-560-3399
Primary URL :
Member Since : March 13, 2009
Noel Bass is a Los Angeles based full-time professional photographer. His rates are very reasonable for the quality he puts out. He uses high-end photography equipment and lighting, which most studios charge you outrageous prices for. Yet he keeps his prices fair to bring integrity and a personal connection with every client's project. Plain and simple, he cares. He gives 100% to every project, event, and editing job. He specializes in ALL types of photography, from wedding events to music and entertainment promos. Check out his range in his portfolios. His vibrant and modern style fits right into the current edge that is the demand from everything from advertising to the new modern family portraiture. He is also available for traveling commissions and projects.
To contact Noel about your next photography project, simply send him an email. Or you can try reaching him by phone.
To see more extensive galleries of Noel's portfolio, visit his main website ( ) or his Blog ( )

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