Examples of Member Websites running on the Photographers.com Sitebuilder Technology

Samples of Member Websites using the Photographers.com Website Technology

Click any Image to go to that Member’s Live “Powered by Photographers.com” Website

Jose Vidaurre Member                                     Website Dirk Franke Member Newsletter

Amyn Nasser Member Website David Leslie Anthony Member Newsletter

Mark DeLong Member Website Ken Jones Member Newsletter

Steve Anderson Member Website Amynn Nasser Member Newsletter

Eduardo Chacon Member Website Clifton Parker Member Website

Bob Greenberg Member Website Rodolfo Paez Stahl Member Website

All Images are Copyright the Individual Photographers who created them

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What are the differences between the Photographers.com “Profile Page” and the “Member Website”?

We now offer great looking websites in addition to our member profile pages, and you can have your new website up and running today!

Click anywhere in the image below, to watch the informative video


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Hosting your Domain Name URL at Photographers.com – Instructions

There are 2 steps to get your Domain Name/URL running on the Photographers.com SiteBuilder server.

(NOTE: You must be subscribed to one of our Plans that say’s “At Members Domain Name-URL”).

1. First go to your Member Management Section:

MANAGE MY WEBSITE–>Setup My Own Domain Name.

Enter your Domain Name and submit it, so we can get started on the process of setting it up on our server.

NOTHING will happen with this first step until you also complete step #2, and your Domain will remain exactly where it is.

2. Go to your Domain Registrar and point your “A Record” to our server’s IP address:

As soon as we validate your Domain Name Submission and you point your Domain Name to our server, it can sometimes take as little as 15 to 30 minutes for your site to be running on the Photographers.com SiteBuilder Server.

Following are sample instructions on how to do this if your Registrar is GoDaddy.

The preferred method is to only point your Web Traffic (http www) to our servers, while leaving your eMail and other services at your current registrar. This gives you the most control of your eMail, through your Domain Registrar – such as the ability to add additional eMail accounts as you need them.

Here is an example of how to do this with the Registrar http://godaddy.com by just pointing to our servers IP address without changing your current NameServer entries.
A.Godaddy–>List of “All my Domains” or “Manage My Domains”: Member should see a list of all of his Domain Names
B. . Click on the Domain Name (It should be a blue link)
C. Click the link for TOTAL DNS–>Total DNS Control
D. At the top of the next page you should see a section for “A (Host)”
E. Over on the far right below “Actions” is an ICON of a piece of “Paper & a Pen” that you should click on
F. On the next page where it shows “Point to IP Address” you should replace the current IP address, with the Photographers.com Server’s IP address of: – then click the “OK” button.
G. You will be returned to the Godaddy Overview section where you will again see the section for “Total DNS”
H. You should now see TOTAL DNS–>”ARecord @″
Using this method your site is usually active with us within 15 minutes.
Many Domain Registrars have the same ability for “control of the IP Address your Domains Web traffic can be pointed to”. We suggest you check your Registrars help documentation, or contact their live support.
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Facebook/Instagram New Policy Allows Them To Sell Your Photos With No Compensation to YOU. – It’s back again !

I can’t believe after Instagram posted this new policy of “THEIRS” a few weeks ago, that spits in the face of Copyright Law and the fact that the right to use a photo or license certain rights can only be given by the creator/owner of the image and MUST BE GIVEN IN WRITING on an image by image basis. They reversed this offensive policy within a day or 2 last time and now they are trying to slip it by AGAIN. Unbelievable and ABUSIVE!!! This really say’s something about the “ethics of Instagram, it’s Executives, and it’s Policy Makers”!

From the Blog of Daniel J. Cox -

A couple of days ago Instagram’s New & Improved Terms of Service plot to steal our photos was brought to my attention. I was alerted to the completely useless new language by PhotoBizCoach Beate Chelette’s excellent blog. So I wrote a blog post of my own titled Instagram’s New & Improved Policy To Steal Your Photos. I posted a link to that blog post on our Natural Exposure’s Facebook page. Then to make sure it gained the attention it deserved, I took out a Facebook ad for $15.00 to advertise the post on Facebook. So today I got an email from Facebook telling me the following:

Hi Daniel,
One or more of the ads you set up do not meet our guidelines and has been disapproved. 
Please check your Ads Manager and edit any ads that have been disapproved. Your account was not charged for ads that were not approved. 
Before resubmitting your ad, please visit our Help Center for additional information and examples compliant with our Advertising Guidelines. 
For more information, please read our Terms of Use and Advertising Guidelines. 
When I realized which ad they were declining, or I should say CENSORING, I about doubled over in laughter thinking this was the best kind of advertisement I could have ever hoped for. So everybody please do me a favor and SHARE this blog post with as many people you can think of. Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t want everybody to know. Like I said in an earlier post, for now it’s Instagram’s new Terms of Service. If this goes through without people screaming like crazy they’ll be doing the same with Facebook pictures. Help me tell the world, especially on Facebook since they CENSORED our ad. Let’s tell the world. Thanks for your help. You can see my original blog post titled: Facebook/Instagram’s New Policy Allow Them to Sell Your Photos With No Compensation To You. Now go get crazy and SHARE this post.

Bob Greenberg “It’s time for creators of intellectual products (such as photos) to band together and let Instagram and Facebook know they can not further enrich themselves with what I personally consider theft. It’s the same situation that exist in so much of Corporate America: set the playing field up so the Rich get Richer, at the expensive of nearly everyone else. And, with Instagram this is not only abusive to Americans, but with all people world-wide!”

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Member “Jeffrey Lamont Brown” completes project ” hybrid TV/Web/Print campaign for SDSU”

San Diego State University Chief Communications Officer, Jack Beresford awarded Tallgrass Pictures LLC the production contract for a comprehensive TV/Print/Web campaign. “We’re thrilled to be a part of their new campaign after producing the 2010 TV commercial, ‘Aztec for Life’,” said Tallgrass Asst. Production Coordinator Aly Bucholz, “which won a silver ADDY, a CASE Gold Award and was recognized by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top college spots of 2010.”

jeffrey lamont brown sdsu photo video shoot

Jeffrey Lamont Brown SDSU Video and Photo Shoot

Here is the TV spot: http://vimeo.com/29121264
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The surreal photography of Photographers.com Member Renata Ratajczyk

Gothic style portrait of a young woman

Besides being a photographer for many years, Renata Ratajczyk considers herself a photo-illustrator.

She loves illustrating ideas and depicting imaginary worlds full of mysterious, mythological beings, fantasy landscapes, alien worlds and other ethereal realm that often just seem to dwell right beside our reality. She also likes to depict emotions – to look inside into one’s soul to show who they really are, or maybe who they would like to be in their dreams.

Renata has always bees interested in mythology, ancient worlds and cultures, as well as in the subconscious mind and emotions, which interests were later strengthen by her Cultural Anthropology studies (she holds a Master of Art degree in this field).

Renata likes photographing people, with particular interest in concept photo-illustration, fine art portraiture, fashion and fine art nudes. She also likes photographing nature (“I always felt a strong connection with it”) and various interesting locations around the world.

In her own words: “Then I often use these travel and nature pictures as backgrounds for my creative concept illustrations. Many of my photographs and concept art images where published on book, magazine and music CD covers, as inside illustrations, in calendars, on greeting cards, or they were used in advertising and other publications. My goal and dream is to help more publishers and companies to illustrate their products and ideas.”

Artist’s Bio, with links to some interviews lists is at: http://www.creativeartphoto.com/bio.php

Surreal Art – conceptual digitally enhanced fashion photography with 3D landscape. A beautiful young woman warrior wearing black

Summer Evening Walk – Surreal photo-illustration.

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Photographers.com Member George DeLoache wins “Eastman Kodak International Elite Gallery Award”

Member George DeLoache was chosen by Kodak as the first place winner.  They have chosen one photographer in the first place position for the last 25 years as the best image of the year!

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Member Chuck St. John shows the images you can make with your iphone!

Courtesy of “B-Metro Magazine” (Birmingham):

Power in Your Pocket

Photographer Chuck St. John blows open the myth that crummy camera phone images are your only option.

Few people carry cameras with them all the time but just about everyone has a phone… with a crummy camera in it. That is, until recently.

The iPhone and other smart phones have fairly decent cameras in them now. If you can work within their limitations, you can get some remarkable images from them

Helpful apps on the iPhone that I used for this feature are Hipstamatic, Best Camera, Shake Photo, Format 126, Perfect Photo, Picture Show and Photo Frame. Photoshop even has an app for that.

None of the photos in this feature were “massaged” in a computer. Everything was done on the phone using apps. So anyone can do this. —Chuck St. John



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A behind the scenes look at Photographers.com’s Member David Leslie Anthony’s new shoot for Calvin Klein

A behind the scenes look at Photographers.com’s Member David Leslie Anthony’s new shoot for Calvin Klein

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Photographers.com Member Clifton Parker shoots 10 page fashion spread and cover for Grand Strand Magazine

Photographers.com Member Clifton Parker shoots 10 page fashion spread and cover for Grand Strand Magazine

This recent cover shoot and fashion editorial with Grand Strand Magazine was Clifton Parker’s first shoot for the publication and their publisher Gulfstream Communications.  This holiday issue of the Magazine has turned out to be a great seller for the publication and it’s publisher. Gulfstream Communications publishes several other South Carolina publications such as Charleston Magazine, Charleston Wedding, WNC Magazine and more. There are additional collaborations on the horizon between the award-winning photographer Clifton Parker and Gulfstream Communications.
Clifton also has upcoming photo shoots and art direction with Charleston Style & Design, Architek One Records, menswear company C.E. Griffin, as well as many other clients slated for 2011.
Clifton is a native of South Carolina and part-time resident of NYC who has worked nationally and internationally with clients ranging from Swarovski Crystals to VH-1, publications such as Elle Girl and Riviera Magazine, and celebrities such as Adrienne Bailon and Steve O.
Clifton is currently available for booking at info@cliftonparker.com or by phone at (843) 902-7107
You can view more of Clifton’s work at - www.CliftonParker.com
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“How To Shoot A Reportage” – New Book by photographers.com member Enzo Dal Verme

Brutally practical tips and tricks in a new photography manual:

Milan/Paris-based photographer and writer Enzo Dal Verme (who has shot
for Vanity Fair, l’Uomo Vogue, Marie Claire, Grazia, Elle, Panorama,
etc.) has decided to reveal some of his shooting tricks for an inside
look at the world of reportages. His unique manual is now available to
the general public.

What’s behind the power of a reportage? After spending over a decade
traveling all around the world capturing the “essence of moments” with
his camera, photographer Enzo Dal Verme felt it was time to reveal
some tricks of the trade.

The brand new manual covers a variety of topics designed to help
photographers create impactful images with an eye towards the publishing

How do you spot a hot subject, find an appropriate angle for rendering
it and organize a very intense shooting trip? How do you line up the
pictures taken day by day? How do you manage local contacts? What
mistakes can be avoided?

The photographer provides a wealth of tips on what and how to shoot,
composition, light, post-production and everything needed to deliver
your work as a pro.

Techniques such as Motion Blur, Panning, Slow Sync Flash, Exposure
Bracketing and Fill Flash are explained. Sixty-eight pages of shooting
strategies made clear in behind-the-scenes episodes, and each chapter
is illustrated with photographs by Enzo himself.

The manual is designed to help pro photographers and inspire
photography novices eager to learn how to get the most out of a
shooting trip.

“How To Shoot A Reportage” is a must for anyone who is serious about
reportage photography.

LAUNCH PRICE save up to 54%

ebook (fewer images) € 2.99
(regular price 4.99 – 40% off, save € 2,00)

pdf edition € 3.99
(regular price 8.59 – 40% off, save € 4,60)

print edition (coming soon)

The promotional offer ends December 25, 2010


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New feature for Members: Vendor Discounts

We just launched a new section for:
“Special Discount Offers for Free & Paying Members” – Paid Members get larger discounts that can help pay for the cost of their listing with us – we will be adding additional discounts as we negotiate them with suppliers/vendors. Our goal is for you to be able to cover the cost of a paid plan with us by taking advantage of a few of the discounts we arrange for our members.

To access the discounts Login to your Member Listing and go to:

Vendor discount for photographers.com members

Vendor discount for photographers.com members

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Extreme VR by Photographers.com member Eduardo Chacon

What makes ExtremeVR™ different? It’s a unique combination of custom full-screen panoramic photography that provides a new level of high definition details and textures not attainable before – with the ability to integrate limitless interactivity like flash presentations, slide shows, sound, pictures and video, as well as to seamlessly integrate with all your existing e-commerce and other Internet marketing tools. All with lightning fast download speeds


Extreme VR

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Michel Tcherevkoff free lecture sponsored by DRPP and CANON USA’s Explorer of Light programs

DRPP and CANON USA’s Explorer of Light programs presents:  ”IN FOCUS”
The Art and Photography of Michel Tcherevkoff
Michel Working

Michel Working

When: Sunday,  November 14, 2010 ~ 1 to 5 pm
Where: Westchester Community College
75 Grasslands Road - Valhalla,  NY, 10595
Free! ~ Thank you Canon USA
Look at some of Michel’s Beautiful Photography
IN FOCUS, is an intense, fast-paced seminar, exploring the character, energy, and elements of Michel Tcherevkoff’s 30-year career and work philosophy.  Where do his ideas come from? How important is the Art Director? How has digital redefined creativity?  Using images that range from assignments to his recent art exhibitions and projects,  Michel describes his technique and professional history, from surrealism made without digital technology to his current digital photo-illustrations. “My seminar has a general format –  but nothing scripted – talking about photography is a little like explaining a joke – you either get it or you don’t – but what I can explain is the intention of the work…and how important it is that photographers/artists  be aware of what their creative intention is.  My intention is, and always has been, to be fresh.”
“Safe is mind-numbing and boring,“ says Manhattan based artist/photographer Michel Tcherevkoff. “Being creatively risky stimulates the brain and keeps the work fun and fresh. I’ve always been led by my imagination which can be personally and professionally dangerous.” Tcherevkoff divides time in his Penthouse Loft between creating advertising in collaboration with clients and creating art for himself. “Whether an image expresses a client’s message or my own, I have to get out of the way and let my imagination and technique make the final statement. So far it seems to be working”.
“A long career gives me perspective to see that everything I’ve done has led me to where I am now. While I have been living an intense and creative life it seemed impossible that I was paving the road for today.  But here I am”.
Born in Paris to White Russian parents, Michel came to New York as a student in the late 60’s and decided to stay. He was hired as a photographer’s assistant for a couple of years before his images attracted the attention of an established agent who immediately launched Michel’s iconic work and career. In the past year alone, Michel has added more than 20 international awards for creative excellence to his collection, and has had his work exhibited in Museums in Paris, Belgium, Australia and New York.
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IPA Photo Awards honorable mention for Jose Manuel Vidaurre

Entry Title: ” AQUOSO”
Jose Vidaurre
, United States
Category: Professional, Abstract

Entry Description: Personal high resolution art work created with liquids in motion in studio, shot at 1/6200 second, manipulated with Photoshop.

About the Artist:Born in Segovia, Spain. Later on, in 1983, he left his pursuit of a degree in electronic engineering to become a self – taught commercial photographer and retoucher, first conventional and now digital.He works for USA and international Clients out of his studio in Miami. In June 2002 he was awarded “Alien of Extraordinary Ability”status E11 by the U.S. Department of Justice, and with it permanent residency in the USA.IPA Photographer of the Year in Special Effects 2003, with a long list of 56 award certificates and trophies from three continents including The London International Advertising Award finalist (3 consecutive years), The New York Festivals, FIAP, IPA, The Color Awards, Prix de la Photographie Paris and Creativity Annual among others.%0D %0DPartial list of clients and brands include Procter & Gamble, Citibank, Texaco, Seagrams, Nestle, Bacardi, Anheuser-Busch, American Express, Mattel, Kellogs, Telcel-Bellsouth, Duracell, Del Monte, Equal, Honda, Ford, Heinz, SC Johnson, Gatorade, Absolut, Warner Lambert, Schering Plough, Aga, Nabisco, Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, Kraft, Knorr, Max Factor, Pantene, Secret, Hilton, CocaCola, Tropiburger, Unisys, General Electric, Miller, St. Pauli Girl, Sony, Show Business, Shick, Rolex, Tecate, Quaker, Siemens, Fanta, Unilever, Oreo, Lux, Oster, Old Parr, NCR, Bavaria Group, Constacia Group, Parmalat, United Destillers, Pirelli, Brahma, Something Special, Polar Group, Head, Artibel, etc.




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More details on the Peter Langone “Journey to China” photographic travel adventure

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Jose Manuel Vidaurre – Relaunch campaign for Bavaria line of Beer products

Download the entire PDF file of the campaign’s photos at:


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Photographers.com member Peter Langone – Cover of this season’s “Image Magazine Fall 2010 Issue”

You can see more of Peter’s work at: http://peterlangone.com

Find out about the photo tour Peter is leading to China in the spring of 2011 and see examples from his varied world travels: http://peterlangonetravel.com/

For trip details contact Steve Levin (Tell him you found out about the China trip on Photographers.com):

Steve Levin of Regency Tours:  +1 (885) 515-1885  or  + 1 (727) 367-1885


steve@regenttours.com or miracleman@tampabay.rr.com

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Bucks County Photographers Host Gallery Exhibition – Doylestown, Pennsylvania

The public is invited to attend The Photography Place Gallery’s first exhibition and sale of fine art photographs by five Bucks County photographers at its Opening Reception on Friday, November 5th, from 5pm – 9:30pm.  Each photographer brings his unique vision to a wide range of subjects. This is a great opportunity to meet the photographers and discuss their approaches with them.

Even if you can’t make the Opening Reception at The Photography Place Gallery, there’s still time to view (and even purchase) the works of these five local photographers throughout the month of November. The Gallery, featuring the works of Charles Callaghan, Julian E. Eubank III, Justin Kestler, Chris Rawlings, and Drew Wagner, will be open every Friday from 6pm-8pm and Saturday from noon -5pm throughout the month of November. The Gallery, located in Doylestown, PA 18902 at 4000 Saw Mill Road, will also be open on Sunday, November 7th from 12 -5, or by appointment by calling 267-880-3250.

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Jose Manuel Vidaurre – 2nd Place Winner IPA Special Effects 2010

Other recent awards:







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