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Company : Biricik Media
Location : Lincoln RD
    Miami Beach, Florida, 33139
    United States
Telephone : 954 800 0072
Cell Phone : 305.534.7200
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Member Since : September 11, 2011

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Las Olas Fort Lauderdale Florida 33301 United States 305 812 2535
95 Spring ST New York New York 10012 United States 305 812 2535

Represented By : Michelle Leo
Address : Ford Model Agency
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Telephone : +1 305-534-7200
Gender : Male
Cemhan Biricik is an international award winning photographer who is truly gifted in evoking emotion through his work.
His passion is expression through an abstract medium to capture what is usually hidden from the naked eye in normal
perception. He uses subtle simple pieces as well but prefers to stray away from the norm.

Born in Istanbul, Turkey, at the age of four, Cemhan traveled with his family, who were designers, to Paris and then
ultimately to the U.S. Even as a child, he was drawn to images and photography. He began capturing his first images
at age 10 after being inspired by the runway magazines and the Italian Vogue he found all over the house.

Life took him down several paths before emerging into the artist he is today. Always driven, he started a tech company
at age 19. By age 25, he sold it and moved on to become the CEO one of SOHO's largest boutiques. All the while he
continued nurturing his love of photography. In time, he came to realize that his true passion was a combination of art,
fashion, and technology.

Today he is sought after by those who wish to go beyond an image capture and create a true work of art.

He has found that his constant evolution and challenge of self is essential to his happiness. He is always in the endless
pursuit of new avenues to explore and new challenges to take on. This driving force is what breeds his creativity and the
endless pursuit of true self and artistic exploration. As he says,
“I don't take pictures. I capture the art of life and the light it illuminates.”

  • Artwork, Paintings, Sculpture
  • Beauty

Silver STAR International Loupe Awards 2011
Top 10 Photographers SONY world photography awards 2012
Pixoto international Awards #1
Epson Pano AWARDS 6 Bronze AWARDS 2012
Nat Geo Traveler Awards 2012 Top 10
National Geographic 2012 Top 12 of the year
500PX 2012 Editors Choice
IPA Lucie Awards 2012 4 Honorabale Mentions Top 10
International Loupe Awards 2012 Silver AWARD
International Loupe International 2011 Silver Award
Client List
Italian Vogue, Univision, Viacom, Ford Models, Next Models, Magic city Casino, Bloomingdales, ABC, National Geographic, NYC Events, Miss Florida, Mrs Florida, Miami Dolphins, Bullet Line, Fashion Week,

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APA - Advertising Photographers of America 800-272-6264
PPA - Professional Photographers of America 800-786-6277

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